I’m loving Sesame Street

Published 10 de January de 2012 by atalapadron

Sesame Street has been one of the TV shows that we all have enjoyed. I think that the OV is a great resource for our students. The language is easy. I’m sure we all remember the “far and close” explanation featured by Grover.

On the  show’s website you can find games and activities featured by your favourite  muppets. Mine is Elmo.Which one is yours?






Published 10 de January de 2012 by atalapadron

Normally speaking is the most difficult skill for our students. Some of them are shy. Others are not sure about how to pronounce and prefer not to talk that be mistaken. Most of them just need to get fluency and a good pronunciation.

There is a wide range of games and activities that we can do in our class to improve this skill. As an icebreaker I particularly like the following one. I hope you enjoy it!


Some activities

Published 9 de January de 2012 by atalapadron

Although we have very interesting books to give the English or Science lessons it is very good to create your own material. Sometimes because you need to adapt the vocabulary or maybe to give a twist to your class. Students might get bored of following the book eventhough it is an interactive one.

Here you have some of the activities that I have created to do with my class:

This one is to review some vocabulary about plants. It is for 2nd grade of primary.


The next one is about adjectives for 4th grade:


Drama in ESL

Published 9 de January de 2012 by atalapadron

Teaching ESL through drama is a very interesting aproach. Kids are more motivated as the activities are more dinamic. They also improve faster their speaking skills.

On Internet you can find many websites which support this kind of practise.


This website is one of the many that you may find. Here, you will read about this technique. You will also learn about plenty of games and different type of activities for every skill.